Does your kid ever ask, "Can I get this?"

Did you know that the most powerful way to prepare your kids for the future is to teach them about business!

It sounds crazy because all my parents cared about was me attending college. 

My name is Camillo, and I personally benefited a lot from college. I have earned a master's degree in business, and I work with students at universities across the country that are creating remarkable technologies.  

Entrepreneurship is a process, and this process can be taught to anyone, including kids.

Helping kids develop an entrepreneurial mindset changes the way they see the world. Suddenly, problems become opportunities.

Here are the three secrets that you need to know. To help your kids develop an entrepreneurial mindset.  

The first secret is that… action is the key to teaching your kid to start a business. Once they take action and sell a product, it changes how they think about earning and managing their money. 

When my daughter was 8 years old, she came home with the Scholastic Book order form from school. 

She wanted $64 for books that I knew she would only read once. I absolutely did not want to buy all of those books. 

My daughter, however, clearly did. 

So instead of just saying NO! Like I usually would, I offered her a deal. 

I told her that if she could earn half the money, I would give her the rest.

And this, my friend, is the moment that changed my life. This was when I realized that the same tools used at the University level could be used to teach kids to start a business. 

Entrepreneurship is a process, and it can be taught!

I worked with her and helped her to figure out the potential businesses she could start. 

She eventually realized she had all the capabilities and resources needed to start a greeting card business.

Now she understands who her customers are and how she can help them. 

Long story short, she did indeed end up getting her books. She sold $75 worth of cards in less than 10 days. 

The big idea here is that kids have the capabilities and the resources to create products people care about. 

This is important because most kids feel like they don't have a way to earn money. 

That is why they constantly ask, "Can I get this?" As a parent, you know how exhausting that question is because a, No is almost always followed up with some level of begging. 

 This was one of the most exciting and fun things I had ever done with my daughter.  

This experience changed how my daughter and I talk about money. 

A few weeks later, there was a movie that she wanted to get that was $20.

She asked me if I could get it for her. 

I said, "No, but that is something you can buy with your spending money."

I could see her thinking about it, then she said Nah, I will wait until it's free on Disney plus. 

All on her own, with no fussing or fighting. 

I was beaming! I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  

Since then, I have become obsessed with helping other parents, and kids experience this too. 

That is why I have created Beeso. It is a business in a box for kids. 

 In business schools, lessons are taught through the use of case studies. 

You can consider The Launch Kit as an interactive case study on the greeting card industry. However, instead of just talking about business, we have them start a business and earn real money. 

The kit comes with enough materials for them to make over $40. 

The goal of the case study is to introduce them to the process. Once they learn the process for starting one business, they can use the same system to create other companies. 

Now, if you think, "My kid has zero interest in greeting cards, that is fine." 

They should still give this a shot. 

Again it is all about learning the process and earning $40 that can be invested in another type of business they may be more interested in. 

The second secret is that any parent can do this. 

The main thing to understand is that there is a process called the Lean Startup, which is used by many startups and business accelerators across the country to teach grownups entrepreneurship. 

We have adopted the same lessons into material that is easy for kids to understand. 

This means that you don't need an MBA, and you don't need to be an entrepreneur yourself. The online course teaches the process step by step. 

No matter who you are as a parent, you can do this. 

Here is the 3rd secret…Your kids don't have to love this and don't need to use it immediately. 

The main thing to understand is that… Once you introduce your kids to the Beeso box, they have the power to earn their own money. 

This changes the conversation when your kids ask, "Can I get this?" 

You can then redirect the kids to the Beeso box and remind them that they have a way to earn money. They will develop an entrepreneurial mindset. 

That is what happened with Liam. Liam was given a Beeso Box as a gift for Christmas. 

He didn't touch it for at least a month. 

Then Liam started asking his dad about getting a Buzz Lightyear doll. Instead of saying No, his dad reminded him about the "business in a box" he had received for Christmas. 

They opened it up just in time for Valentine's day. 

In two days, he managed to sell out and earn over $40. 

A few days later, Liam went to the store and proudly purchased Buzz with his earned money. 

The stack… Here is what you get when you buy the kit. 

  • Online Course - $65. 
  • Printed workbook - $10
  • Forty-plus designs for all types of events, including Valentine's day - $15
  • A dozen high-quality kraft paper cards and envelopes - $10

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